Teder is an live electronic music performer from the Netherlands who was drawn back to the excitement of creating live music, trading his guitar for sequencers, synthesizers, and samplers. Inspired by the concept of the “electronic live set”, Teder set out to collect an eclectic array of highly portable instruments that enable him to transform thoughts, samples, and emotions into soothing deep melodic waveforms with or without a live crowd.


Teder discovered a vibrant online community of like-minded electronic musicians sharing their music under hashtags such as #dawless, #hardwarejam, and #jamuary. He then started reaching out to others to meet and connect their gear in places all over the world to record collaborative jam sessions in person. These collaborations have resulted in a broad range of productions, covering genres from melodic deep house to industrial techno, spoken word sampling, ambient soundscaping, but more importantly celebrating the magic of creating something new together.


Joining the Petite Victory Collective was the final piece of the puzzle to take his music a step further. It made him comfortable taking on the challenge of finishing a number of recordings into fully mixed and mastered songs. Discover Teder’s work on Instagram and YouTube, and be sure to check out the physical release of his first EP called “Alive” on Digipack CD.