Alive EP
1 Alive
2 Reverence
3 Tanzen
4 Leopard

This is my debut EP: “Teder Alive EP”. Nearly all music from Teder’s repertoire is live performed, recorded, videotaped and shared straight from his studio in Netherlands to the online dawless jamming community. But these four tracks deserved an extra special post production effort, including extensive re-arrangement, re-mix and a Danish mastering treatment that all enhance the atmosphere but maintain the rough edges and imperfection of the original live performance.


The core of the songs originate from a set of single take recordings from January 2023. This month marks the culmination of many years of electronic instrument collection, experimentation with live creation and sound design that suits Teder’s organic style of deep, atmospheric, melodic electronic music with that typical house signature, influenced by the likes of Daft Punk, Air, Stimming and Weval.


We kick off with Alive, a track that glues together Teder’s past live instruments and the present, combining the piercing electric guitar lead motif with hypnotic pads, subtle drums and a rolling bassline. Reverence signifies the upbeat twist of finding acceptance and gratefulness in grief, prominently featuring the typical Teder technique of rhythmically playing short sample chops. 


The EP takes an inward, humble turn with Tanzen, a homage to the Tanzbär drum machine focused on a groove existing of small clicks and rolls. The final track Leopard closes out the EP with a bassline meditation and a soft kick, textured with chopped up field recordings expressively accompanied by electronic whistling winds.


In addition to the digital release, the Teder Alive EP is commemorated by a unique limited physical Digipack CD release, designed in close collaboration with Gemmi Art. In this work, she revisits her line art style from 2018 and creates a visual duality between the worlds of the straight, technological 4 on the floor and the organic, natural, real world.


Release Date

6 October 2023


Got it in and just had a quick sneak peak while processing, sounds amazing!! Really nice mix, great bass.