Rebound EP
1 Rendezvous
2 Rebound
3 Resolution
4 Rebound EP Mix
5 Rendezvous (original live jam version)
6 Rebound (original live jam version)
7 Resolution (original live jam version)
8 Rebound EP original live jam mix

Introducing Teder & TimMey’s Rebound EP: The essence of electronic music collaboration

Step into a world where melodic house meets the digital frontier with “Rebound EP,” the first ever collaboration from Teder & TimMey. Drawing inspiration from the Tron-like landscape of virtual space, this EP weaves a narrative of two strangers’ encounter, their collision of personalities, and the eventual resolution within the system’s void.

The tracklist reflects the journey through this digital landscape. “Rendezvous” kicks things off with ethereal melodies and bouncing synthesizers, a sonic portrayal of the duo’s very first ever jam session. “Rebound” follows with an increase of energy as two distinct worlds collide, showcasing the raw power of improvisation and collaboration facilitated by machines. Finally, “Resolution” winds things down with intricate polyrhythms and improvised melodies, marking the conclusion of this collaborative encounter.

Experience the genesis of the EP with the original live jam versions of each track, that were also captured on video (available on YouTube). Then, dive into the produced versions, seamlessly mixed into 11-minute and 25-minute journeys of sound and emotion.

“Rebound EP” is more than just a couple of tracks; it’s a testament to the magic that happens when creative minds come together to create. Join Teder & TimMey on this exploration of sound and space, and let the music transport you to a digital world of rendezvous, rebound and resolution.

In addition to the digital release, this EP is commemorated by a unique limited run of art prints, designed in close collaboration with Gemmi Art. In this work, she visits the theme of a meeting between strangers, colliding in a world of vectorised flat geometry art.


Release Date

29 March 2024


Teder and TimMey really managed to bring the best of both their creative world with this EP. Through hypnotic rhythms and captivating melodies, they craft an immersive live electronic experience that resonates deeply. Favorite track: Rebound.

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